Hello, welcome to my place on the web to share my ceramic artwork.  Its been 30 years since I jumped into the clay adventure and as such its an art endeavor that presents creativity, challenges and ongoing acquisition of new techniques and ideas.

I enjoy creating and making ceramic works that incorporate humor or elegance in design and many functional pieces that include sculptural or textural elements with interesting combinations of glazes over a variety of stoneware clays.

I use a combination of artist mixed glazes along with a palette of commercial glazes to highlight various design features such as carving, incising and other textures.  Work is oxidation fired in an electric kiln to vitrify clay and glaze into one.  Unless noted, glazes used are food safe, and many can be placed in a dishwasher...securely. 

I enjoy a wide variety of subjects included in my work, with animals taking center stage, but as with so many ideas out there to snatch from anywhere and everywhere, anything can become a possibility in my clay portfolio.  I truly enjoy creating many one of a kind types of pieces, but have been known to make groupings and sets of work.  Upon request I welcome commission pieces.  I have included a wide panorama of my work from over the years and constantly am making new work for clay enthusiasts to collect and cherish. 


Please contact me via email at designsinclay@hotmail.com if your have questions or need specific details.  Hope you will find something appealing for your shopping cart here.